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Dancing Warriors on Sports Day

Brain Tree Primary School provides education to orphans and underpriviliged children from Nursery to Primary Seven in Kyanja, Uganda and has done so since 1994. The school came into being and operates through the generosity of caring individuals around the world. We invite you to support the children of Brain Tree by choosing one of the following options:

Gifts of check or money order (cash):
Gifts of cash to Brain Tree Primary School will directly support the children and their education. Gifts to be used in this manner are considered SESAW fund gifts (Supporting Education through Sharing and AWareness). If you would prefer to help the graduates of Brain Tree continue their Secondary School Education, please mark your donation "Scholarship".  Please note, it is vital to specify Brain Tree SESAW or Brain Tree Scholarship on your donation.

The Shipley School has been fiscal sponsor for Brain Tree since 2004.To make a gift, send a money order or a check payable to The Shipley School to:

              The Shipley School
              External Relations Office
              Attention: Karen Brown, Advancement Services Manager
              814 Yarrow Street
              Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 

For questions regarding how to support Brain Tree, please fill out the information/contact form.  See for additional ways of giving.

The Shipley School is a 501c3  nonprofit institution. Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Everyone joining in the effort of love to support the children of Brain Tree is richly rewarded. How? By experiencing the joy and other intangibles that make life worth living.  Knowing that children have food to eat, a safe place to play, and are learning more about themselves and their world, are our basic desires for all children.  These are the same ideals that Brain Tree holds true for its children, and can provide with the help that we offer.

Support Brain Tree and experience the benefits of sharing. Become a friend of the school, a part of the village, and a caring member of our global community.

Lori DiGuardi with a family that benefits from the Brain Tree Primary School

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"Tuva mu munyeenye. Twagalana. Twegase. Tuli bumu."

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